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Business Assistance

Grants & Resources

Both the Villard Avenue Business Improvement District and the City of Milwaukee offer business resources and grants to help assist property and business owners with financial support which covers expenditures for pre-approved building improvements. Simply follow the information below about each business assistance program.

City of Milwaukee Programs

The City of Milwaukee currently administers the following grant programs:

  • Signage Grant Program

  • Facade Grant Program

  • Storefront Activation Grant Program

Click the link below to learn more about the City of Milwaukee's resources​

Villard BID Grants and Resources

The Villard BID offers assistance with the following:

  • Permitting

  • Zoning

  • Licensing

  • Technical Assistance

  • Advocacy

  • Marketing

  • Villard Growth Grant (see additional details below)

Villard Growth Grant

The revitalization of a commercial district or residential neighborhood often begins with improvements to a single building or storefront. Updates such as fresh paint or a new sign that highlights the assets of your building can positively impact the corridor. Business Improvement District #19 (BID #19) has a grant fund to assist commercial and industrial property and business owners in BID #19 with improvements to their facilities. 

Program Overview

Grant awards will reimburse 50% of the project cost, not to exceed $5000

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Grant awards may be used in combination with Milwaukee City Development grant programs

Grant Guidelines 

Some things this grant might be able to be used for could be the following:

  • Security Cameras

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Permanent Signage

  • Awnings, shatter resistant windows

  • Landscaping

  • Interior improvements

Ineligible Properties

Ineligible properties include those that are not located within the BID #19 boundaries, tax exempt properties, tax delinquent properties, property whose owner has other tax delinquencies, properties in litigation, property in condemnation or receivership, properties with an accepted offer for purchase, properties with outstanding code violations. 

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